5 ways police agencies can use social media to engage their communities

Gaining your community’s trust through social media isn’t impossible. Here’s 5 quick, easy ways to better engage your community.

real time traffic and other emergency updates
What happens if you turn your department’s social media into an accurate source for news? If your community can follow your page to stay up to date on important traffic, weather, and other relevant news, you’ll see an increase in followers!

biographies and stories that show the human behind the badge
No matter the agency, I always recommend biographies! Quick profiles of your officers will allow the community to get to know a different side of those serving them. Common interests between the officers and community can break down barriers. I recommend sharing a good mixture of professional and personal information.

photos of officers interacting with the community
These photos can be fan submitted or can come from an officer, either way they’ll help show the good things being done by your officers. Fans will want to share photos they capture of your officers having positive interactions in the community.

Facebook Live videos sharing facts, fun, and humor
Facebook Live is a beneficial as it is terrifying! Trust me, take the leap and use it to your benefit. A quick video sharing safety tips, interviews with officers, or even responding to a call, can seriously engage your community and leave them wanting more!

using your page to interact with other local pages
Remember that the admins of other local Facebook pages are members of your community, too! If you can make other local administrators fans, then you’ll turn their pages and followers into fans, too. Share other pages’ posts, comment on their statuses, and interact with them often. You’ll quickly reap the benefits.