Why You Need to Showcase Officers on Social Media

So you’ve created a Facebook page for your law enforcement agency… Maybe you’ve even done a live video. Wherever you are in your social media marketing journey, congratulations! You should be proud. And now, you should definitely start to showcase officers on social media.

People like people… that includes police officers!

Think about your favorite brands, restaurants, and companies… sure, they obviously offer a great product, but chances are, there’s an underlying human connection that makes you love them so much. Maybe someone went above and beyond for you once, or perhaps you’ve developed a connection with a specific individual. Whatever your reason, we’re drawn to human connections.

No, a police department isn’t building relationships through serving food. But when you showcase officers’ accomplishments, initiatives, and triumphs on social media, your community is more likely to engage.

You see, we’re biologically wired to respond to other humans. Seriously, it’s science. According to a study conducted by Caltech, a certain part of our brains only responds to humans. Cells in the Fusiform Gyrus, sometimes called the fusiform face area, only fire when they see a face. No other object can get them to respond, indicating the massive impact that seeing another human face can have on us.

Two police officers sitting on outdoor bench wearing sunglasses

Faces are not only a great way to capture your community’s attention, but can also serve to help them develop a personal connection to your officers.

When you showcase officers on social media, you become more relatable.

Law enforcement is often vilified as an entire institution, but showcasing people on your social media can help remind the public that officers are people too. We’re part of the communities we serve and protect, and it never hurts to show it.

Share photos of officers engaging with the community in a positive light. Share the successes of officers as they advance in their careers or personal initiatives. Each of these posts serves to humanize your department, advancing your reputation within the community.

Not sure how to showcase officers on social media and make it feel personal? We’ll cover this and lots of other tips in our two-day social media training that will help you feel confident in using social media for your police department.