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6 Reasons Police Departments Should Use Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of the modern world, affecting how we do everything from complete transactions to interact with one another. Even the least tech-savvy people use social platforms to wish loved ones a happy birthday and stay in touch with long lost friends. With so many people online, there’s no question…
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Four foolproof steps to make it through your next Facebook Live

Be prepared. Sure, you could be spontaneous and click the “live” button without an agenda, but logistically, you should have some things prepared. Make sure to have good lighting and sound. This doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production, but having a bright video, sound that is clear and not muffled, and limited background noise…
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Do We Really Need That Training?

In the police world, training is not only important, it’s an ongoing requirement. We train in firearms, hand-to-hand combat, mental health, driving, and the list goes on, and on! Our departments know how important training is. Most departments have a senior officer in charge of training, whose only focus is to make sure you get…
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Make your police officers more approachable with social media

As a public safety agency, it’s important to find ways to make your police officers more approachable. To many citizens, the identities of law enforcement agents can be somewhat of a mystery. As a citizen, unless you’ve found yourself getting busted with a traffic violation, a car accident, or in the midst of some sort…
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5 ways police agencies can use social media to engage their communities

Gaining your community’s trust through social media isn’t impossible. Here’s 5 quick, easy ways to better engage your community. real time traffic and other emergency updates What happens if you turn your department’s social media into an accurate source for news? If your community can follow your page to stay up to date on important…
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This duo wants to change how local law enforcement agencies use social media

Wondering who the voices are behind local law enforcement’s online presence? For the Muncie Police and Delaware County Sheriff’s departments, those would be Chase Winkle and Joe Krupa, respectively. The Muncie police officer and deputy sheriff were eager to learn how they could improve in this job and attended a social media conference months ago. But…
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